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Quality certificate

ELEKTRA - held -  Management System Certificate -   which fulfill  obligation  norm PN-EN ISO 9001-2009  in terms of :

- design, manufacture, delivery of signals and warning lamps and conductor bundles,

Elektra submits yearly SZJ periodical audit.  

Quality Management Certificate work correctly in Elektra since 2001.

ELEKTRA as a manufacturer of warning lights and spare parts for vehicles is oblige to homologate their products according to requirements of European Econonic Committee by UN, mark products with quality type-approval sign. 

ONZ  EKG Statute and ECE directive are respected by ELEKRA within assume of consistent technical rules like :

- Regulation  R 65 EKG ONZ - special warning lights homologation

- Regulation R 10 EKG ONZ - electromagnetic compability homologation of warning     products

- Directive  72/245/EWG changed by directive 2004/104/WE and directive                       2006/96/WE concerns electromagnetic compability homologation of warning                 products   

All ELEKTRA products have required homologations.

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