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MS 26

Category: Directional LED & Grill lamps

Cerification: R-65; R-10




Low-profile lamp for the discreet assembly in car grill’s.

Possibility to choice 25 types of the formula of the flash.

LED diodes ensuring 100,000 working hours.

Memory which able to quote the recently programmed formula of the flash.

Possibility to  synchronize many lamps.

High resistance to weather conditions.



The directional LED MS6 lamp can be used as a warning signal for special and privileged vehicles in the road traffic.



- surface fastening with 2 screws


Supply voltage 10-30V DC
Current consumption 0.75A (12V); 0.38A (24V)
Volume LED



Flash frequency  2.1Hz
Colour: diode LED | glass blue-d-trans-iR65
Dimention 131,8x48,7x19,2
Weight 0.3kg
Operating temp. range - 30°C  +50°C
Homologation EKG ONZ     


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