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Cerification: anel


LED information panel - WLTP-n and WLTPp are the luminous notice board

which are used  mainly by police, army, road maintenances.

The panel contains 640 shining LED diodes enabling to show inscriptions as well as any different signs.

USR/RB cable with software allow to display either words contains up to 9 letters or other signs.  There is possible to code  up to 40 commands.


Panel can be mounted also if front of back car's window.


Supply voltage  10 - 15 V DC
Current consumption  max.
Panel LED  640 LED Ø5 red colour
Dimentions  505 x 20 x 104 mm
Weight  2 kg
Cable   length 4300
Dimentions  117 x 80 x 24 mm
Weight  0,1 kg
Operating temp. range  -20˚C ÷ +50˚C

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