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Category: SIGNAL MASTER beams

Cerification: R-10

Signal Master (wave)  FŚL 6     FŚL 8


Light FŚL- 6 beams and FŚL- 8 generate additional warning light for special vehicles.

The structure of the beam contains from 6 to 8 lamps fastened in shared casting.

Easy to change each segment.


Troublesome vehicles in the road traffic.

The configuration and dimensions

From FŚL series we are making light beams in version from 6 and with 8 light LED modules.

Version FŚL-6 FŚL-8
Light source LED LED
Supply voltage 12/24V
Supply voltage -Max. ipulsive 2,0A 2,7A
Temperature od - 20°C do +50°C
Lenght 685 mm 911 mm
Height 58 mm
Width 78 mm
Controller SBS-LED

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