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Category: ADVERTAISING & TAXI lamps

Information lamps are very legible with visible sign of the vehicle.


Information lamps are very legible with visible sign on the vehicle. It is simultaneously colourful and cheapest movable visible advertisement . There is a possibility of putting  any advertising inscription. We offer lamps in different lengths to any type of the car. White and yellow colour of lamp lens.



The a/m lamps are for Taxi or  vehicles with additional role as the movable advertisement.



The offer include lamps of any configuration.

Length on request.  Lamps are equipped with floodlight sections at the front and back. Additionally it is possible to equip these lamps with halogen lamps shining sideway.


Detailed Specification


Sound signal

Loudspeaker installed inside the lamp is of high quality. The device enables to produce the right  sound with the different intensity. The sound signalling system is being controlled from inside the vehicle.



There is a possibility of fastening LZ, LZP, LZN lamps on car’s roof.

- Assemble permanently to the vehicle with rubber pads. when drilling the roof is required

- Assemble with fitting to rail-roof.

Supply voltage 12V lub 24V
Bulb type BA-15s/12V lub 24V, 5W
Bulb type for inscription lightning  BA-15s/12V lub 24V, 10W
Lens colours white, camel 

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