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Category: Directional LED & Grill lamps

Cerification: R-65; R-10

Directional LED  LBLKo  8




Directional lamp made in LED. Thanks to the innovative structure there is a possibility of connecting 10 modules to synchronize  the flashes.



The LBLKo-8 lamp is applied mainly on vehicles which the structure is making impossible to assembly  warn lamps on the roof of the vehicle.

Lamps can also be assembled into the grill of the vehicle thanks to the pivoting grip.



- surface fastening with 4 screws

- fixing on the pivoting handle

Supply voltage 10-30V  DC
Current consumption 0.6A (12V); 0.3A (24V)
Volume LED  lbl-diod8
Dimentions 160x100x34
Dimentions with frame 180x115x38
Weight 0.4kg
Kolor LED blue-d-blue-i  yel-d-yel-i  red-d-red-i  blue-d-trans-i
Flash frequency 2.1Hz
Temperature  - 30°C  +50°C
Homologation EKG ONZ     

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