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Airport Beacon LBL 20K1-2K BLUE - ORANGE Class - C ICAO

Category: Airport Lightbar

Airport Beacon  LBL 20K1-2K  BLUE - ORANGE   Class - C -  ICAO

 Beacon to be used on all vehicles allowed to be on aerodromes .

  Both - Magnetic or Permanent mounting   on vehicles.


 Test report No. 0126/ZBH/20  to be send on request.

Supply voltage 10-30V DC
Current consumption 1.2A (12V); 0.6A (24V)
 LED diode quantity  lbl-diod lbl-diod
Flash frequency  1,4Hz
 LED  light colour       
Dimentions ∅120x140
Weight 0.6kg
Operating temperaturerange - 20°C  +50°C
ICAO        Class  - C - 

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