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2018-03-02 19:16:14

The special warning flash LED light bar LZPL-D forms basic equipment for signaling vehicles leading aircraft on the airport slab.

It is a low-intensity obstacle lamp type D that meets the requirements of ICAO Aerodromes Design Manual and EASA CS ADR-DSN.Q.850 regulations.

The casing of the lamp consist oftwo aluminum shapes, upper aluminum section and lower aluminum sectionjoined together through the brackets, partitions, front and side colored covers fabricated with polycarbonate.

Inside the casing are placed 8 pcs. the flash modules MD-3, which emit the warning vibrating yellow light, made from the row of big power super bright LEDs equipped with the individual optical systems assuring the light distribution according to the valid requirements.


The lamp can be optionally equipped with a display of 4 independent inscriptions: eg: FALLOW ME, STOP, RIGHT, etc. or have one LED backlight inscription, eg FOLLOW ME. The lamp can also be equipped with front and side led headlights.


LZPL l amps are for vehicles which are allowed to be driven on apron and runway.

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