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2018-03-02 18:33:09

Our latest product –LIGHT-BAR – LZN SLENDER.  The product is destinated to all privileged and troublesome vehicles in the road traffic.

On traffic privilige car has blue light, while in action on the road amber light can be ussed.

Due to the fact that in this light-bar we implement new LED moduls we managed to achieve the very low high amounting only 82 mm. In spite of very low height we can provide such a light-bar with many options like :

-         LED working lights

-         LED display of different text messengers

-         LED arrow stiks

-         And many others

Thanks to the modular structure the lamp can freely be configured according to needs and requirements of the customer. Lampshades are having special designed cutting which are improving the lighting effect additionally.



United LZN lamps - Slender are allocated for privileged vehicles in the road traffic so as Police, the fire service, the emergency ambulance service and other technical services. Warning lamps - it is compulsory identification marking privileged vehicles.


Homologation   R65, R10

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